Monday, July 29, 2013

State Of The Art Products: All That Glitters Is Not Gold

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Companies compete seriously to outdo each other with the product that they deem will solve their customers’ problems in the short and long run. The market is bombarded with products of all types with promises overlapping each other of miracles they can do. Words like “revolutionary”, “cutting edge”, “new improved”, “enhanced”, and many other advertising language types are used to entice customers into buying. This is part of the marketing plan of many companies and if carried out consistently, often succeeds in drawing many customers to them. It is common knowledge that no product is perfect, despite all the promises and every product has the potential to lead to an accident, damage, loss or any other negative incident. This is what makes it very important for companies to source for product liability insurance quotes to safeguard themselves and the users of their products.

For many manufacturing companies, this kind of insurance is an excellent investment because it provides protection for hidden defects and flaws in the original design in the production process. It also protects a company from misleading marketing campaigns which tend to over-promise and under-deliver. The costs that people incur when they use the products and incur negative outcomes become the source of many court suits because clients usually want their money back because products did not perform as required. Apart from insurance protection, a company should there be very careful with the claims they make for product quality, handling instructions for safe use and return policy agreements. 

In the beauty industry, customers are much more liable to personal injury and damage. This is because, beauty therapy like hair care, skin and body treatment, body enhancements, massages and many other types of personal care services are performed directly on the customer’s person. This is a riskier kind of business because the service provider has to rely on their customer to give them all the information they need to perform their work. Since many customers do not fully know themselves, all kinds of things can happen like allergic reactions, burns, cuts, bleeding and other negative outcomes during the course of their personal care. Without the encompassing protection of beauty therapy insurance, a personal care service provider leaves themselves wide open to all kinds of litigation from furious customers.  

Stories abound of beauty treatments gone badly. Many times this damage is temporary and can be rectified, however, other times the damage causes permanent scarring and disability, loss of hearing in one or both ears, loss of sight in one or both eyes, damage to vital organs like the kidneys or liver from chemicals used, disfiguring of body parts and breakage of limbs, among many other side effects.  Although a personal care service provider may go the extra mile in providing trained personnel to handle client issues, insurance is the best option for those unforeseen eventualities that tend to crop up just when things look like they are getting better.

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