Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Top Benefits of Having a Good Credit Score

Good credit scores are helpful for a financial well being and should be checked at least once per year. There are many benefits from having good credit scores like lower interest rates, higher chances of loan approvals, and affordable insurance premiums. Keep a clean credit history, which determines credit scores, to take advantage of these benefits. Good credit reports can show financial institutions that a person is able to manage debt when requesting loans as an example.

Interest Rates

Consumers with good credit history can obtain low interest rates on credit cards, mortgages, and other types of loans. Most lending institutions check for credit reports to determine a person’s interest rates, if approved for a loan. Consumers with clean credit histories can get lower rates by showing lenders their ability to manage debt properly. Lower interest rates provide many savings on credit card purchases and payments for consumers with good credit scores.

Financial Options

Most financial institutions check the credit history for checking account or loan approvals. Consumers with good credit records are more likely to get bank accounts with minimal or no management fees. Credit records with negative issues can show an individual’s higher economic risk to banks. Check financial institutions’ standards to know if your credit score and history can affect account or loan decisions. Good credit scores can provide customers with greater chances of getting a desired bank account or loans at affordable rates and payments.

Good Credit Score

Insurance Premiums

Insurance providers may check credit scores to determine individual risks and payment terms. For example, insurance companies can check personal credit history in order to approve car, home, and life insurance policies.  People with good credit scores can get these insurance policies faster and more frequently over low score ones.


Most potential employers check credit records when someone applies for employment at their company.
Employers check on credit reports to determine if someone is a reliable person. In addition, money-handling jobs have higher risks of employee theft. These types of jobs have more strict credit history reviews for job applicants. A clean credit history can help you get a wanted job by showing responsible and reliable qualities.

Home Rentals

People with good credit records benefit from higher rental approval rates. Landlords may check credit records to determine if a person will be able to pay rent. People with low credit scores can be turned down from rental properties based on a higher risk estimate.

Good credit scores provide many advantages to consumers looking to get loans, and insurance policies at affordable rates. People with low credit scores should improve their ratings by paying off debt balances, maintaining positive long records, and by making payments on time. Consumers can save a lot of money from the lower interest rates and higher loan options provided by a good credit history. Attempt to create a budget to improve your credit record to build up savings and retirement plans based on personal finances.

This article is provided courtesy of Bad Credit Loans Direct, a consumer finance website providing information and tools on small loans with bad credit and other personal credit services.

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