Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to get a 100% home loan

How to get a 100 % home loan? This a question that many would like to here the answer to. Is there really such a thing? Is there even just a small percentage of a possibility that the answer to this mythical question could be a positive one? To understand more on how to get a 100% home loan we must first understand the facts behind this so-called witches brew for the new families of tomorrow.

Banks, this is the first word that would also play the most important role in your quest of finding the holy grail to a 100% percent home loan. Banks offer a lot of different plans to help you achieve that house that you always wanted. Most often than not if you have a stable income you will be granted a housing loan applicable to your monthly salary capability. Interest, accrued payments and monthly amortizations are all part of the formula. But is getting a 100% home loan part of the banks plan in pursuing your hard earned salary. Hate to burst your bubble but almost 90% of the world’s banks in different counties would say it is impossible. There is no such loan nowadays in the U.S. and neighboring countries by banks alike that would give you a 100% home loan, with no down payment and collateral required.

Banks have reviewed the possibility of giving 100% home loans to their clients time and time again, and as the ball goes around the answer always came to same old conclusion. The banks would be at a loss if ever they implement such a risky deal on their part. There are a few banks that practice the 80-90% rule when it comes to home loans. This means that they are willing to lend you 80-90 % of the loan to value ratio (LVR) provided that you have a stable flow of income. Still this means that the client will be needing to shoulder the remaining 20 or 10 percent from his own savings.

Now you would ask me I mentioned only 90% percent of banks worldwide will not allow you this kind of loan, what about the remaining 10 percent? The best answer to this question is Australia. Why Australia you ask? There are still some banks and real estate lenders down there that would offer you 90 – 95% loan able value in regards to LVR. Still not the 100% value that we all are looking for, but it is surely the closest you can get to acquisition of the reality. You just have to look really hard for legitimate banks and real estate lenders.

The next time you ask the question of “How to get a 100% home loan?” with no strings attached, you might as well kiss your dreams goodbye. The banks don’t see this as a possibility unless you have tons of collateral which will still end up as down payment to that home you always wanted. There is no such thing as 100% free nowadays, but there is something called hard work and savings; and maybe the next best thing “Australia”.

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