Sunday, December 18, 2011

Six Ways to Save Money

The current economic climate cannot be ignored. Everyone is trying to save. However, most people experience a lot of problems in doing so. With these tips, saving will come a lot easier!

1. Air Conditioning :

Depending on your climate, you may be able to save a lot this way. If you are experiencing hot weather just for a few weeks, this can be especially great. Fans will go a long way. Try placing one in the basement to blow cool air upstairs. The shaded side of the house can be enjoyable by placing a box-fan on the window facing that side.

2. Airfare : 

The amount of money spent on flights is usually outrageous, but one can still save. Try using Fly Combo to do so. It might take you more hours to drive to a large airport that will offer these services, but it will save a great deal on the connecting-flight charges.

3. Appliances : 

This is one option that many people do not think about. This can be achieved by buying used items or returning your used appliances for cash. You may even find used appliances with warranties. The beauty of doing this is the fact that you will get them at rock-bottom prices.

4. Boats :

If you like to be on the water, you can save a lot by renting. Figure out all the charges involved, including insurance, maintenance, storage charges, fuel, etc. Divide the amount by the number of times you are likely to use the boat. The amount you are spending per use will probably make you think twice. The amount you get should be doubled because you are not going to use the boat as frequent as you may be thinking. If the figure is more than the cost of renting, you better rent.

5. Carpet Cleaning :

Save on carpet-cleaning as much as possible. This can be achieved by easily requesting a discount from the carpet cleaner and by telling them to only concentrate on the high-traffic areas. In most cases, the cleaners avoid moving things and just work on the traffic areas, while still asking for the full pay.

6. Automobile :

You can save on a car by simply taking a friend with you when you are going for the purchase. The friend’s duty will be to discourage you from buying anything that isn’t a good deal. Make sure they encourage you to wait before you make the decision. This will put pressure on the seller and ensure you get a better deal.

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