Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How to Get Cheap or Free Magazines

Magazines are a timeless pastime that entertain, inform and inspire us. Most people love to read a good magazine every once and a while. Unfortunately, magazines can be costly. Now that the Internet is the most popular way to read about things, magazines are less popular, and as a result many publishers don’t offer as low prices as they used to. The best way to get magazines is to purchase a subscription. The discount on buying a year’s worth versus one or two directly from the newsstands can be astronomical. If you get creative, you may be able to score some magazines for free, too. Here are some ways you can get cheap or free magazines.

Magazines.com : 

The best website to purchase cheap magazine subscriptions is Magazines.com. They have thousands of magazines available at a fraction of newsstand prices, and it is a reliable site to purchase from.

 Split with Friends :

If you want to get a magazine subscription but don’t want to pay full price, consider going in on the purchase with one or more friends. If one friend is interested in reading the same magazine you are, split the price in half with her. Get it delivered to one of you, and agree to pass it on within a certain time frame or the next time you see each other. This works well if you have a reliable friend to share with. You don’t want to end up hoarding all the copies or getting them passed to you very late. Beforehand, agree who will ultimately keep each issue.

Have a Magazine Swap :

Organize with your friends and family members who also love magazines to have a regular swap. Get together once every two months and exchange magazines. This is a great way to pass on issues that you have that are piling up at home, and a way for you to explore the magazine tastes of others.

Buy Direct from the Publisher :

If you want to get a magazine subscription, usually the best way to buy it is directly from the publisher. Not all magazines are offered on discount sites, so go to the magazine’s website and purchase it there. They will usually have the lowest prices.

Ebates.com : 

Ebate.com is a great way to do all your online shopping, and it works well for magazines, too. Sign up with Ebates.com, and start there every time you want to make a purchase online. If you buy something through their site, you will receive a percentage cash back. There are thousands of major retailers that work with Ebates, and there are also a ton of magazine subscriptions that will give you up to 26 percent cash back with your purchase.

Ask a Doctor’s Office :

If you don’t mind reading your magazines a few months late, ask your local doctor’s office to contact you before they throw out their outdated magazines. If they don’t mind, they’ll hold them for you and let you come pick them up rather than discard them.

Take Advantage of Free Trials :

Many magazines offer free issues or free trial periods. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of them, but just be cautious. If you forget to cancel your order when the trial period is over, you may be charged much more than you’d like to pay to continue the subscription. Mark it on your calendar when you need to cancel the subscription by so you can enjoy only the free issues.

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