Sunday, December 11, 2011

Do You Like Your Job or Do You Want to Trade?

I'll ask you again – do you like your job or do you want to trade it for something else? Where are you now? Are you at your office starting another long day or home after dinner tired and just want to relax?

You can be free and do anything you want from anywhere in the world but it's up to you to make this move and decide you are willing to move forward and do whatever makes you happy. Yes, it's a brave and hard move to make but once you make it the possibilities are endless, especially when it comes to trading stocks and Forex foreign currencies. You're probably saying you no nothing about stocks or Forex at the moment but that's no excuse. You can purchase books by top trader, start learning about the market and little by little advance towards trading, but why would you want to do that?

All over the world thousands of people are free to do whatever they want each and every day because they have studied the market and are now making money from trading. That means they make enough money a day without spending it 9 hours in an office doing something they don't like and you can trade too using various stocks and Forex trading strategies you'll get to know because there is no right or wrong strategy when it comes to trading, there's the ones that suit you as a trader. So, before you start trading for real money – here are a few tips you should write down and start from there:

Leran the Market :

Before you start trading first you need to know the world you're getting into. Learn the market, see how stocks and currencies react to news, always learn and try to understand what happened and why, read books, articles, do not trade at first but try to study the field and see everything from above. Once you have an idea what the market is all about and how it acts, move on…

Learn to Read Charts :

This may take some time but like any other thing in life, being an expert takes time, learning and experience. Always read charts and understand them until you can anticipate where the stock or currency is about to head. Even when you're not trading yet you should always look at charts and read them, the more charts you examine the faster and better you'll understand them and know their next direction.

Know When to Buy and When to Sell :

Most people know when to buy a stock and enter a position and you will know too in time, but not everyone know when to sell a stock and exit a position whether in profit or in a minimal loss. This will come to you with experience and trial and error but it's important to know that sometimes it's better to sell and take small profits then risk it and be greedy just to lose it all, especially when the market is volatile and not steady.

These are only 3 basic tips and rules you should follow before starting to trade or when you're just in your first steps in the trading world. If you have self-discipline, if you are willing to read, study and learn from mistakes in time and with experience you too will be able to trade successfully and make money and don't let anyone else tell you that it's impossible just because they gave up – just see how many people all over the world make a living out of it.

Good Luck!

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