Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Financially Boost -Up the Post Retirement life

Being financially strong is our prime target, isn’t it? All the workloads, overtimes, official responsibilities, and investments we bear-is to secure ourselves financially. With financial freedom, we get the independence to rule our own lives in our own way, right.. Then, why letting this life of joys get spoiled after retirement just because you have stopped earning.? Why relying upon others for asking money after retirement- is that all what you deserve after 40 years of hard work and sincerity??
My answer will be a “no”. Of course, you deserve to be happier than ever during your retired life and this can be done by equity release. 

Certainly, equity release allows you to have the benefits of unlocking a huge amount from the valuation of your own property without selling it, until you die. It is a great way of making oneself financial needs or self independent after retirement. Let us discuss the matter in brief.

How to become eligible for releasing equity??

Only, the people who are above 55 years of old and have well-structured residential properties of their own, are eligible for applying to the equity release

Available schemes:
  • Lifetime mortgages
  • Home reversion plans
  • Home income plans
  • Shared appreciation mortgages
  • Interest only plans
Depending upon your financial help requirements and property conditions, you can apply to any of these retirement plans for releasing equity on your property. But, it is always better to take advice from your financial adviser before setting the deal.

Equity release-unlimited benefits for your post retirement life

It allows you to live a hassle-free life. You can plan for holidays or can fix the amount to have monthly installments so that you can bear all the expenses well. The amount you release on equity can also be used for bearing medicinal expenses.
So, why not applying to the equity release to unlock the way towards the life of happiness by gaining financial holds over expenses!!

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